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URL or URI ohh!! its too confusing

Since the days of my second semester in my engineering when I came to know about URI and URL, I always had this confusion in my mind which took ages to get cleared. Here is a small post which gives briefs about URI, URI and URN, and what are the differences between them. Lets check what Wikipedia has to say on all of this. Wikipedia on Uniform resource locator(URL) A uniform resource locator (URL) is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource . A URL is technically a type of uniform resource identifier (URI) but in many technical documents and verbal discussions URL is often used as a synonym for URI Wikipedia on Uniform resource identifier(URI)  A uniform resource identifier (URI) is a string of characters used to identify a name or a resource . Such identification enables interaction with representations of the resource over a network (typically the World Wide Web) using specific protocols. Wik